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Most Valuable Article Submission Sites | Evergreen Sites for Article

Free Article Submission Sites

Free Article Submission Sites

Article Submission Sites List

Free Article Submission Sites
Free Article Submission Sites

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Article Submission sites refer to a list that gives you a +400 List of article submission sites list of high PR, high DA, and high Alexa ranking.

Note: Getting a List of do-follow article submission sites list is very easy. But getting the link juice and real traffic to rank our sites is not an easy task. In this article, I will tell you how you can get exactly do-follow backlinks from these article submission sites list and real traffic.

article submission sites

Pro Tips To write an article

Submitting your article without meaningful and non-SEO friendly is wasting your time. It will not give you any benefits or maybe the owner of the site may remove your article from its websites.

It is better to keep this point in your mind during writing articles for submission sites.

Most of the high authority websites provide the guidelines to follow during writing articles for submitting. But some times all the strategies get fails when articles take time to submit.

Therefore it is better to write an article like a pro that will get approval soon as well as it will pass high link juices.

Keep in mind these points while writing an article for submitting.

Use your keywords while writing articles for submitting, because it will direct pass link juice to your main websites.

Do you know that Google Confirmed in its statement to mostly focus only three factors.

How to Submit an Article Free/Paid

Submitting an article in the article submission sites list is very important and it should be in a proper way. But I will tell you a practical answer to this question below.

It is very easy to do:

  • First of all, check out any websites from the list of Article Submission Sites where you want to publish your articles.
  • Sign up if you are going that website the first time and did not register till now.
  • It will send you a confirmation email on your registered email ID.
  • Go to your Registered Email Id, then click on the confirmation link.
  • Now you are validated your email ID
  • Now you have to create your profile if you did not create till now. Create there and complete it as much as possible.
  • Find out the submit/publish button, it will be there.
  • Click on it and fill title, description, content, images, videos, etc.
  • And then submit, it may either instant approved your sites or it may take some time to approve.
  • Don’t be hurry up, keep your passions. It takes time to respond till then try another site to publish your websites

Do you know only main SEO ranking factors to rank on google.

Benefits of Article Submission Sites

Not only your sites get a boost but also you get referral traffic from the article submission sites list.

Article submission sites give you numerous benefits.

  • Gives you high Authority Backlinks
  • Gives you referral traffic
  • Increase your exposure on the web
  • Less time

Article Submission sites will give really high authority backlinks. Getting high-quality backlinks means getting ranking on our websites. Do you know that most of the digital marketer charge a high amount only for getting links for you from the article submission sites? Because they know that getting a link from the article is beneficial.

Not only you get ranking in your sites, but also you get referral traffic of your niches. For getting referrals you need to focus on the writing. Don’t worry in this post bellow I mentioned all the strategies to get much referrals traffic.

After submitting your sites in the article submission sites list you not only get the high referrals traffic but also you get the high exposure on the web. It will increase your visibility on the web. Really it increases your brand awareness around the web and all over the internet.

If we talk about the time, so it is really very less than submitting a blog post. If you submit an article and also you submit a blog. So you can understand the time and hard work. You will spend much time on the blogpost than the article. It doesn’t mean that you get much keyword relevancy or link juices from the blog. It depends on your site quality.

Some times we do not get much value from the article, it means you have written an article about something else and you stick your link from there. It will not much beneficial as you think.

Whenever submitting any article, mainly focus on the three terms. These are Website DA, Anchore Text, and Keyword Relevancy.

Top 10 Search Engine List in 2020

Keeps in Mind: Article Submission Sites

  • Also include Long term Keywords
  • Good Titles
  • Impressive Headlines
  • Should be Concise Article
  • Should be Informative
  • Should be interested in reading
  • SEO Friendly

You can get benefits from Article Submission Sites List to rank your long term keywords. Because you are submitting an article for getting backlinks for your new websites. You can use their long term keywords so that your article can rank easily and fastly on the Seach Engines.

Whenever write an article mainly focus on the title because an impressive title can rank the CTR. Which will be beneficial for your website.

After the Title, you have to focus on the Headlines. As we know that Headline is a second Title tag that inspires to read the post. If you really want to get benefits from the Article submission sites list. So you need to work on these things.

Do not write anything, you have to save your time therefore write an article very concisely.

Your article should be informative and full of new knowledge so that you can get a boost in your content.

As I wrote for you not others. Therefore you are getting interested in my articles. So you have also need to write like, I wrote. Please tell me in a comment how I really write.

One of the most important things is that, do not forget to write an SEO friendly article. In my Article submission site list, you will get most of the websites that approved only SEO friendly articles.

Top 10 Article Sites List

I am also providing you the top 10 articles submission sites list out of the list of the 400 articles. As we know the importance of the backlinks. So how we can leave the opportunity to create the backlinks of the Article submission sites list.

  • DA: 92
  • Alexa Rank: 1
  • Total Sites Linking: 19,83,652

Really this is amazing sites list to create an article or getting do-follow backlinks. It is provided by Google. You need to create a high premium article and the features article here. Whenever we go to post an article we first look at the Da, Alexa Rank, and total sites link. All three points cover it. It is the no. 1 site for article submission.

  • DA: 96
  • Alexa Rank: 83
  • Total Sites Linking: 8,350 is also a free article submission sites list. It provides us Nofollow link but it really helps us to get the traffic. Because it is the second-highest site where you can get the link from these sites. If you want to get the traffic it is a really Medium can help you to get.

  • DA: 91
  • Alexa Rank: 3,609
  • Total Sites Linking: 15,357

Hubpages by the name it says that hub of the pages. is a free article provider, it gives the nofollow link but the best because you can get the real and exact niche traffic from here.

  • DA: 86
  • Alexa Rank: 12,169
  • Total Sites Linking: 24,352

Another way of getting a link from the site is to publish articles. If you are a pro content writer or you are just going to write. So it can help you to learn the writing of the content. Most of the sites help us to get the knowledge, Ezinearticle can help you.

  • DA: 93
  • Alexa Rank: 263
  • Total Sites Linking: 11,825

Quora is the biggest question-answer website in the world. It also covers answer in long term like writing articles. If you have any queries and you want to answer or you have only just a question to publish so Quora may play the biggest role here.

  • DA: 53
  • Alexa Rank: 32,417
  • Total Sites Linking: 2,726

Sooperarticles give you do follow backlinks if you right in the right manner. So getting the do-follow link may be a grow boost in your ranking of the sites on the search engine result pages.

  • DA: 41
  • Alexa Rank: 24,486
  • Total Sites Linking: 1,244

It is a growing platform to create the articles getting a link from it also may help to get the traffic as well as a boost in your ranking.

  • DA: 12
  • Alexa Rank: 22,365
  • Total Sites Linking: 223

It is also best to place to write articles. If you want ranking as well as the traffic it may really help you to get the right traffic.

Types of Article Submission Sites List

Generally, this list is divided into two terms: Free and Paid.

1. Free Article Submission sites list

As most of the SEO uses the free article submission sites list. Where on the other hand google which is a giant search engine also provides in the free platform to write content. I have mixed all the list of the only articles submission in the above list.

For you get the relief I am sharing the free article submission sites list here.

2. Premium article submission sites list

Also most of the SEO who wants to rank higher in search engine paid to the article submission sites for getting the backlinks so that it can rank on the search engine easily. In the above list, I have shared my hundred percent energy to seek all the high DA PA Site list therefore


I hope you will get all the Websites on my website AsDigiMarketing. Please Do not forget to comment and share.

Also, I tried to give the best sites to create the backlinks for your sites. I am always ready to help you. In andy doubt please ask freely. Feel free and comment on us.

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