October 24, 2021

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100% Get AdSense Approval: Follow These Rules Explained in this post

How to Optimize Website for RankBrain

How to Optimize Website for RankBrain

100% Get AdSense Approval: Follow These Rules

Explained in this post

How to Optimize Website for RankBrain
How to Optimize Website for RankBrain

People put advertisements to earn income on the website. Google Adsense is used for advertising on most of the websites of the world.

Today in this post we will know how to get approval for Google Adsense (GA) So that it gets approved in one go. Friends, in today’s post, I am going to tell you that by following some such tested and applied steps. You can install Adsense in your website at once.

Google keeps updating its algorithm day by day so that Google can be made better. But if you want to get approval for Adsense. Then you have to make your website compatible for the option so that Google will approve your website in one go.

After that you can put Google Ads on your website. If you have applied for (GA) and you are looking for some kind of order like low value content. And other types of addresses. So you are going to get the solution of all these things today.

First of all make your website mobile friendly. And fix its navigation. The first step for Google Adsense is to do it on your website in such a way that any user comes to your website.

So users can scroll your business properly. Your website should not contain any kind of adult content. There should not be any wrong link of any kind on your website.

If a user comes to your website, then his device should not be threatened by any kind of virus. So you have to fix these things already.

Content Quality

Google observes its (GA)with the help of very advanced technology. If you are trying to install Adsense on your website, then first of all you have to maintain the content quality of your website.

Content quality refers to writing the content in such a way that the user can read and understand that content. If you are writing content, then you also have to take care that the content is not duplicate. Google never approves (GA) for a website with low quality content.

If you want Adsense approval on your website, then first you have to write such content which is complete according to that topic.


Site navigation is a very important factor in Adsense policy. If you want your website to be (GA) approved once.

So you have to make your side navigation easy and useful. For example, you are providing digital marketing information on your website.

And you wrote a post that is about search engine optimization. And if you have written any other post related to search engine optimization then you should do interlinking.

Content Freshness

The fresher the content, the more chances there will be to get Adsense approved in the website. If you use such content, which people are not searching for now, then such content will not bring any traffic to your website and due to which your website will not rank.

And if the ranking does not come then the chances of getting Adsense in your website will be reduced. If you want to put (GA) on your website, then definitely follow this thing that the content on your website should be fresh.

Because the more press content you have on your website, the more benefit you will get. So do one thing from now on, you put fresh content in your website. You can use Google Trends or Twitter Trends to find fresh content topics. You can find out great topics on Google Trends.

Spam Content

Keep in mind that while writing content, your content should not contain Spanish content at all. And don’t even have spam links. The more spamming content or links in your website, the more chances of getting Adsense in your website will be reduced.

You should keep in mind that maximum and useful links are available in your website. Until Adsense is installed on your website, you have to be aware of your website. You have to keep observing your content so that you can make your website properly AdSense friendly.

To increase the chances of getting (GA) in the website, you have to put good content in your website only. The more high quality content you have on your website, the more chances of getting Google Adsense will increase on your website.

Age of Domain

Some people also say that domain is an important thing for Google Adsense. So for this let me tell you that your domain age should be at least 3 months. But it is not mentioned anywhere in Google that your website must have an edge.

If everything is well maintained on your website, then your website will get ad in 1 month also. Adsense was approved in my website within 1 month.

If you have decided today that you have to find your address, then you will have to follow the given things. You have to make your website compatible for users so that users can come to your website and find out the content according to them.

And whatever you are writing content, one thing you have to keep in mind that your content does not have spin links. Do not use duplicate images or duplicate content in the contact, because you may have to face problems in Adsense approval.


I took approval for Adsense on 2 websites last year. My first website was 17 days old and second website was my 3 months old but there was some difference between the two.

Adsense approval came on my website which was 17 days old, but my 3 months old website did not get (GA) approval on it. From this it was understood that domain age is not of much importance for Adsense.

But in both of those websites, I saw this inside the website in which Adsense was approved, the images used in it and the content written were both completely accurate.

And all the content was easy to read. The content was written in such a way that anyone can easily read it. And this was the reason due to which my Adsense got approved.