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Google Confirmed SEO 3 Factors

Google Confirmed SEO 3 Factors

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Google Confirmed SEO 3 Factors: Rank #1 on Google. If you are really excited to rank on google, must know, these secrets which will absolutely help you to rank #1 on Search Engines.

Hey, do you know that Google Confirmed SEO 3 Factors? Let’s dive into it.

Google officially has confirmed the top three ranking factors to rank in search engines. Do you want to know the top three ranking factors and want to improve. If yes, then you’re in the right place. In this article, you will get to know the top three ranking factors and also you will get the full reports on the basis of you can optimize your overall website.

Google Confirmed SEO 3 Factors

When we researched the report that has researched by the “Google-200 SEO factors” we found Google uses more than 200 ranking factors in its algorithm to rank any websites or webpages on the Search Engine Result Pages. But these all factors were ignored if only these three factors are maintained by the websites. Let’s What are those Google Confirmed SEO 3 Factors.

  1. Content
  2. Backlinks
  3. RankBrain

I think you have got the point that most of the factors are fallen somewhere in these three factors.

Now expand these three factors to understand in detail.

Content: (1st Google Confirmed SEO Factors)

Content is the King: Google’s first priority is to help the users who search for queries to get his answer. All the efforts are useless when we don’t write user-friendly content. Google always rolled out any update in favor of the user. When we researched Google updates after rolled out we found that those sites did not hurt which we’re writing the best and quality content in spite of the major Google major changes in its algorithm.

Top 5 Suggestions to improve these factors:

Really Content is the first and the most important factor as you think. Google rolled out the Panda Update to check the content spamming. Save from the Panda Updates.

(I) Use Primary keywords, secondary keywords, and LSI words but never do keyword Stuffing.

(ii) Use your primary keywords in the first and second level heading and use other similar LSI keywords third fourth and more level heading.

(iii) Make a unique and highly qualitative content, the first research, and then write so that it will give the best user experiences.

(vi) Make content shareable use images, videos, links, case study, and analysis reports, etc so that it will help the users.

(v) Again I will say that first study your content and make super level content optimize your content for both First users and second for Search Engines.

Backlinks: ( 2nd Google Confirmed SEO Factors)

Google rolled out an update in 2003 named The Hilltop Update in which Google said that if your site is linking with the top authorities sites such as DMOZ,, Yahoo, etc. It will help to get rank in SERPs. The main purpose of The Hilltop Update is to identify the site which has more authority site link than other similar sites. It can help you to grow the ranking in SERPs.

Top 5 Suggestions to improve these factors:

Really this is the second the most important factors as Google said but creating spamming links will be hurt by the penguin updates. Save form it.

(I) Try to make shareable content it will help you to grab Backlink.

(ii) Write guest posting is one of the best techniques too but it takes time.

(iii) Focus on quality of 10 Backlinks rather than 100 of irrelevant Backlinks.

(iv) Try to get Backlinks from the most authoritative site such as yahoo, DMOZ,

(v) Also take care of the niche of backlinks, for example, I am running the blogging site of digital marketing but I got the link from the mobile phone selling sites it will not as powerful as you think.

RankBrain: ( 3rd Google Confirmed SEO Factors)

It is the third and most important factor as Google officials said. RankBrain is an artificial machine that is used by Google to check the movement on Search Engine Result Pages. Actually Rankbrain focuses on the user’s satisfaction. Let’s understand how to optimize the RankBrain to rank in the first position. Google uses the CTR, Bounce Rate, UX Signals, and Dwell Time to measure the overall site capacity to rank in SERPs.

Top Suggestions to improve these factors:

If you really want to bring improvement in your ranking, first optimize these:

Click-Through Rate, Bounce Rate and Dwell Time

(I) For increasing the CTR, you need to optimize the Title Tag and Meta Description Tag.

(ii) For Bounce Rate, use internal links in your first or second paragraph

(iii) Also, increase the length of the content so that users will spend much time on your websites it will increase the Dwell Time.


Now it is your time to implement in your practice and comment on us if you like my post which I wrote after a lot of research.