October 24, 2021

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How to Increase Traffic from Social Media

How to Increase Traffic from Social Media

How to Increase Traffic from Social Media

How to Increase Traffic from Social Media

How to Increase Traffic from Social Media
How to Increase Traffic from Social Media

If you want to increase the traffic of your website through social media, then you can read this post in it. It is very important to get high traffic to your website so that you can generate high revenue. But it is not an easy task as you think to increase website revenue.

If you want to generate high revenue then you need to work on the traffic of your websites. But you know that social media can play a huge role in increasing the traffic to your website.

If you work on social media then definitely the traffic will increase on your website. There are many social media platforms available around us. Most of the users have adopted social media to pass the time. You know that Facebook has become the biggest social media platform among all the social media.

Instagram is at number two. And there are other social media platforms like twitter, We chat, WhatsApp, etc. But the method you have to choose to grow your website is not as difficult as you think. It is a very important part of digital marketing.

Let’s start with Facebook

As per the data of 2021 the Facebook has captured the largest Market in the world. if you want to get traffic on your website you need to work on Facebook. there are two type of measure work on Facebook which you can done first is paid marketing second is organic.

In organic way you have to create group and page. through Facebook group and Facebook page you can generate high traffic.

What you have to do first of all you have to create Facebook account then you have to create account on Facebook group and Facebook page or both.

It can surely work to get high traffic to your website. all the owners of the website are using Facebook as a social media to generate high traffic. It’s not help only for generating high traffic but also it works for branding your website.

If you brand your website in a such way so that people can remember. so it is sure that you will get high traffic on your website


if you want to rank on Google you need to work on various type of social media such as Facebook Instagram Twitter WhatsApp at cetera. now the point comes on the Instagram.

On Instagram there is a one option to put your link that is on profile you can put your website link. if we put your website link it will help users to come on your website through profile.

But it is important to be active on Instagram on a daily basis. if you are active on social media then you will absolutely get the best traffic. Your revenue will increase automatically. Your direct traffic will also increase because social media helps users to remember your website easily.

Because it shows your website again and again to your users.


In this days Twitter is using as a trending tools for websites. most of the website owner or content writer are using Twitter as a trending topic finder. Twitter friend work as a Google Trend.

On Twitter you can go as it organic or paid whichever you want. Battuta is a very good social media platform where you can generate high traffic. It’s very easy to work on Twitter.

Twitter has its limit to Port characters and you can put their your website link so that people can come on your website through the link.

Now it’s very simple and easy process to open account on Twitter it will not act so much time. you can go on twitter I am create your account right now to generate traffic.


WhatsApp is a chat platform but here you can work hair to get high traffic. on WhatsApp it gives limitation to make group or broadcast for 256 people.

There is one limitation you cannot add more than 256 people. so here is one solution for you to create telegram channel and group.


On Telegram you can create your channel or group where you can add people as much as you can. it’s very simple if you have users you can bring them to your website.

If you have high number of users in your Telegram groups and channels then it’s very simple to bring those number of users to your website.

The whole world is using social media today. Everyone uses it according to their own way, some use it to sell a product or service, while some use social media to bring traffic to their website.

Some people use their company name to reach out to all the people while some people use social media to get their apps downloaded. Some people also use social media to increase their videos. Everyone’s purpose of using social media can be different.

But it depends on you what you want to use social media for. Ways to use social media are given below, you can use the methods given below to increase social media traffic.


Today I use Facebook to drive traffic on Facebook to my website and convert them to get it running. I have many Facebook groups and many pages, which I use to promote my product and service, if you also want to promote or sell your service or product, then you should do it on social media.

Account has to be created. Creating an account on social media is very easy. All you have to do now is to create an account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.

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