October 24, 2021

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How to Optimize Website for RankBrain

How to Optimize Website for RankBrain

How to Optimize Website for RankBrain

How to Optimize Website for RankBrain

Google announced a very major and important algorithm till now that was Rank Brain Update on 26th October in 2015. Rank Brain updates is one of the most important google algorithm update which has changed the directions and thought process of marketers.

How to Optimize Website for RankBrain
How to Optimize Website for RankBrain

This update has affected many website and it was really a very major update because it is affecting all the website ranking on google till now.

Here are the solutions to save from Rank Brain. First of all you have to understand the concepts behind it and then you can improve your website’s speed as well as website Ranking. As you know that Ranking is equal to traffic as calculated and predefined matrix.

Try to understand the Rank Brain on the basis of given data below. These will surely improve your website to gain the high traffic. It is a very important part of SEO.


Rank Brain is considered to be the most important update of Google. The update was launched by Google on 26 October 2015. Because of this, many ups and downs were seen in many websites. And its effect is happening on the website till date.

If you want to optimize your website for Google’s rank brain update. So read carefully the things given below in this article and follow them. Rank Brain is Google’s biggest and most important update ever. Some important updates come inside it like Click Through Rate. For Instances; Pogo Stitching, Dwell Time, Bounce Rate, etc, on website.


Click through rate is a very important factor of this website. You can observe this in Google Search Console. CTR is the majored when users or visitors comes on your website organically.

It is easy to major easily through google search console but it is also easy to improve. As you know that if it is a major part of the website.

There are some important factors to measure rank brain. In which the most important role comes in the click through rate. It is easy to improve Click through rate , for this need to create catchy title of the website.

Make a catchy description of the website. For example, if you are selling a product, then you can use some such words in the title, which will increase your chances of clicks on the title.

Words like offer, book now, click now increase the chances of getting clicked on the title of the website. Also, you have to infuse in the main keyword title and descriptions.

By infusing the keyword, the title starts to rank on that keyword. The more your chances of getting clicked on your title will increase, the more your click through rate will increase.

Increasing click through rate will signal to Google Search Console that most people click on your title. And this signal will increase the ranking of the website.

Pogo Sticking

Pogo sticking is also an important factor in rank brain. If you start paying attention to Pogo Sticking, then the ranking of your website will increase and this will bring you more traffic. Pogo Sticking means that the users on your website gets exits as soon as you hit it.

For example, Someone searches a keyword on Google and on that your website comes at number three. But that person goes to number one and exits and clicks on another website, then exits and clicks on the third website.

And many people do this from many devices. Such a signal goes to Google that people are spending most of the time on the third number website.

And Google increases the ranking of that website. But this ranking will not increase for long if only the reason for Pogo Sticking is there. If the content in your website is unique and useful content. So the ranking of your website will definitely increase.

Dwell Time

How long are people spending on the website? How long users are staying on your website is also a signal of rank brain. If people are telling the time on your website for a long time, then it gives a good impression in the Google search engine.

And Google increases the ranking of your website. To increase the dwell time of the website, you can use great images and videos in the content of the website so that the user can stay on your website for a long time. Spending time on your website can increase your ranking.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is also a signal of updated rank brain of Google search engine. Bounce rate can be seen in Google Analytics, it can also be used to increase the ranking of the website. If someone comes to your website and leaves after exiting then it means your website will have high bounce rate.

But as soon as the user comes to your website and then clicks on other links on your website or starts watching a video, then this will reduce the bounce rate of your website, by reducing the bounce rate, you can increase the ranking. Because bounce rate is a very important signal of rank brain factor.


Improving rank brain has become very important for all websites. As Google has been saying that it gives a special importance to the rank brain. And if a person wants to rank the website in the Google search engine, then he will have to fix all the factors of the rank brain, improve it.

Apart from Google’s Rank Brain, there are many important updates such as Google Panda. Google Penguin| etc.

In all these Google updates, Google has a great goal that in all the updates, Google takes special care of its users. The main thing found in all the updates of Google is that the user who searches on the Google search engine should get the same thing.

Along with the uniqueness in the content, it should also be useful, this is one of the main goals of the Google search engine. Based on this, Duggal keeps on bringing new updates.

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