October 24, 2021

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Is Tool Important to do Digital Marketing

Is Tool Important to do Digital Marketing

Is Tool Important to do Digital Marketing

Is Tool Important to do Digital Marketing

Tools have a very important role in digital marketing. There are many types of digital tools and they can assist in digital activity in many ways. The names of some digital tools are as follows.

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • AMP Test
  • Schema Test
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Website Optimization Tool
  • Social Media Automation Tool

With the help of other such tools, you can do digital marketing very easily. Which of these tools can do this with you, let’s know in detail about them.

Let me give you a real life example. The ranking of my website had dropped a bit. Due to which my traffic decreased. Now I tried to know the reason behind this, so I used some digital tools.

When I looked in Google Search Console, I was told that some new mistakes have come in my website. And when I did deep analysis, I came to know that the speed of my website has also become more useless than before. And I resolved all these, then my website’s ranking became as high as before.

Is Tool Important to do Digital Marketing
Is Tool Important to do Digital Marketing

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a very important tool for digital marketing. This is Google’s own built-in bridge, it is used to observe all those activities of the website. Most of the technical ACO text of your website can be corrected with the help of Google Search Console.

With the help of school, many types of activities of your website can be understood. And also tells about how many organic clicks and impressions have come on your website. Using Google Search Console Toll is very easy.

For this, you have to add your website to the property of Google Search Console, after which it will give you a coding which you have to paste on your website. And the data of your website should start coming in Google Search Console. Here you can know many of the result like; Enhancement report, coverage report, AMP Report, Schema Report and other many types of errors.

My Question to you: Is tool Important to do Digital Marketing?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very big tool of digital marketing which is used to know the user intent on the website. The demographic of the user on your website, how they are interacting on the website. From which country do your users belong?

On which page do your users spend the most time? You can easily see other such reports with the help of Google Analytics. What you have to do for this, first you have to add your website to Google Analytics.

This tool is absolutely free, you can use it to know all those activities in your website which are done by the user in your website. You can also use the data you get from Google Analytics to build your strategy.


You can use a variety of tools to know how the trend is going today. Some of the major tools are Google Trends and Twitter Trends. In this you will know what is the status of your website, how many people are coming to your website.

Which content are users interested in reading more around the world? What type of topics should you use? What type of content are people liking to read at this time?

Which website is top trending? Which website is getting the most traffic? What type of content has that website written? You can know all these information through Google Trends.

Keywords Research

When you write content in the website, before that you should know that on which keyword you have to rank the content. That’s why it is important that you suck only the right one. You can use some special tools for keyword research.

In which Ashraf Google Search Console Google Keyword Planner etc. You have to keep these things in mind while doing keyword research. that the volume of your boat is more. Only the difficulty of your boat should be less. So that you can rank your website on Google soon.

Content Checking

The keywords you used to write the content. Now you have to look for some special things in the content, that is uniqueness, useful content. Because this type of content is more liked by the people and Google gives value to these content. These types of content ranks very fast in the Google search engine.

If you write these content then it is more likely that traffic will come to your website. Writing a content has become a difficult task in today’s time. But you can improve your content by following the right strategy.

Website Speed Test

For this, you can use a variety of tools like Google Page Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest, Pingdom and GT Matrix. With the help of such tools, you can check the speed of your website as well as find out what is lacking on your website, which can be improved by fixing the speed of the website.

Today it is necessary to minify the coding to fix the speed of your website. Which includes JavaScript. You have to minify the JavaScript, you have to minify the coding so that it can load in less time. And if the speed of your website will increase, then its ranking in Google will increase automatically.


The conclusion is that you cannot grow your website without tools. No matter what type of website you have, you will have to use tools.

People use digital tools from the beginning to every activity in the website . Whether you take search engine optimization, tools have an important role here too.

Technical SEO is based on complete tools only. If you want to do competitors research, then you have to use digital tools. My Question to you: Is tool Important to do Digital Marketing?

The importance of digital tools is increasing day by day in the world of digital marketing. In such a situation, its price is also increasing. But still there are many such tools available which are free to use easily. There are many benefits of in tools too.