July 30, 2021

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Privacy Policy – Asdigimarketing Digital Team

Who we are?

We are a team of digital marketers & our website address is http://asdigimarketing.com. Here we are trying to give our best knowledge through our blogs and courses or with all the modules which come in digital marketing. Our Team is ready every time for you for the Answering if you have any queries related to digital marketing our team will be answering. In the digital Era-21st, there will be coming many techniques that will be coming, we are trying to give all knowledge related to those techniques or methods.

What data we collect

In Actuality, we do not collect any kind of data from this blogging website, But it depends on visitors that if they comment on this website then we will we getting their comments by default.

Sometimes these comments will be including the name of the person and email also so maybe be can use these for sending them the latest information on Digital marketing, but it also depends on the visitors that they want to get it or not. Because before sending the latest information we will be sending them a subscribing notification if they allow it then we will be sending them a notification when it comes to the latest information

What are Your rights on this website

The user’s rights will be here that if they do not want to get our notification they can disallow our notifications at any time so from the next time we will not be sending them a notification.

The Next thing is that they have an important right that if they have any query related to our blogs, the latest digital knowledge, or may related to another factor so they can mail us at any time or they can comment us, we will be correcting it as soon as possible.

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