SEO Important Factors List

SEO Important Factors ListSEO Important Factors List

Learn exactly how to use SEO important factors in your SEO practice.

Really these will help to rank on google

These SEO important factors list will help you a lot.

You will get to know about more than 200 ranking factors, black, grey & white hat SEO. And major google updates.

This is really full of knowledge that will surely help you to get high organic traffic. It is strongly said that all the technics and tactics which are shared here, first applied and tested, then it is sharing to you all.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique to optimizing websites or apps to increase the ranking in search engine results page for getting quality and quantity of traffics.

According to google search engine, SEO uses more than 200 ranking factors in its algorithm.

Read this amazing SEO in-depth guide till the end to get relevant traffic as I am getting now After this you are ready to get relevant traffic. Because I am going to share some very important tips and tricks that perhaps you might have learned anywhere.

I know that each of you knows about the important SEO ranking factors but how to use SEO factors that you don’t know really.

But in this definitive guide you will get to know how to use SEO ranking factors in the right way.

Let’s start,

SEO is divided into two terms:

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Of page SEO

But both of the methods can be done through tree techniques

Google SEO techniques:

  1. White hat SEO techniques
  2. Black hat SEO techniques
  3. Grey hat SEO techniques

But you should also know that when we use Google SEO techniques purely right way, it is known as white hat SEO techniques.

When we over-optimized our website it is known as Black hat SEO techniques.

When you use both Black hat SEO, and white hat SEO techniques it is known as Grey hat SEO techniques.

We love to get ranking immediately but due to Google updates, we can’t use Black hat SEO techniques otherwise, google may block our website or can affect negative ranking.

Don’t try to implement these Black hat SEO techniques to get ranking in Google search engine.

Black hat SEO techniques:

(I) Paid links

(ii) Spam links

(iii) Duplicate Content

(iv) Article spinning

(v) Cloaking

(vi) Doorway pages

(vii) Keyword stuffing

(viii) Invisible Text

In today’s market, forgetting the high results and for the long term we need to use white hat SEO. But something grey hat SEO techniques also.

In this SEO definitive guide I will tell you how you can apply those techniques.

First we collect the most important SEO factors in one place where we need to take the most important decisions.

SEO the most important factors list:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • URL
  • Heading structure
  • Unique Content
  • Internal and external links on content.
  • Site-level factors
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap
  • Backlinks
  • Google Updates

These are the most important SEO factors in 200 SEO ranking factors.

Now I will tell you how exactly you need to work on it. So that these will definitely increase the ranking of your website.

1) Title Tag:

A title tag is an indirect ranking factor that can bring so much traffic but how it works. Actually search engines don’t give you negative ranking if you increase the character length of your title tag.

So, there is a question raised in mind is that- why Digital marketers say to optimize the title tag.

As I told you Title tag is an indirect ranking factor.

Indirect ranking factor means it depends on users, Google will rank your website but there is a less chance that users will click on your website. If users will not click, ultimately you will lose your ranking gradually.

So how exactly get optimizing title tag.


Date, Number, Characters limit, Question types, Call to action.

Use Keywords in Title tag:

It is very important to use keywords in your title tag. It increases the chances of click as well as improves ranking.

Date & Numbers in title tag:

Use Date and Numbers in your title tag can affect the mind of users and boost your click on the search engine results page.

For Instances

Top 10 Best Search Engine In 2020

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2020.

Characters Limit:

Follow characters limit between 50 to 70 Title tag so it appears completely on Search engines result from pages.

Use Question in your title tag like;

How to increase the traffic of websites. What is the best plugin ever in 2020.

Call to action word

Use in title tag like; buy, watch, download, Listen, search, read, etc.

2) Meta description:

The meta description is another indirect ranking factor that appears down on title tagin on the search engine results page.

Now you have understood why I told you meta description is an indirect ranking factor.

Because it is also created for user purposes to increase click.

Search engines provide you meta description so you can optimize your article, position fewer words.

About the starting of 2018 google increased meta description length but due to some people who stuffed keywords in meta description due to increase ranking.

Google had to decrease the meta description limit.

As, Google knew that some people are using it negatively therefore google decreases meta description length make it between 150 to 170.

Tips for 2020:

  • Use keywords in your meta description, again it means. It will improve ranking and increase clickability ultimately.
  • Keep in mind characters should be between 150 to 170.
  • Use cache words because users first read your meta description then users click. Ultimately it will increase click.
  • The meta description can increase your ranking in search engine result pages.

3) URL

URL is another factor that can increase ranking but how you can optimize your ranking exactly. URL is that which comes after your


  • Use the main keyword in your URL.
  • Keep your URL short.

4) Heading structure:

Heading plays an important role to create the structure of your post. It helps to create an info-graph on the search engine.


Use H1 in your blog that you want to rank in Google search engine results page.

Try to use multiple heading like H1, H2, H2, h4, h5, h6

Use keywords and LSU words in these heading structure.

I’m sure you will definitely get a boost in your ranking of the website in the search engine.

5) Unique Content:

As we know that content is the king and keywords are the keys to content. Without the best content never think about rank on search engines.

If you rank your keywords but nothing is better in your content, then users will surely leave it.

Tips for content to rank #1

  • Check your content there is no plagiarism.
  • No grammar mistakes and use LSI keywords.
  • Use images, charts, videos, etc to make your content more valuable.
  • Make your content to the point by using keywords and LSI words.
  • Warning: Google panda updates can affect your SEO due to duplicate and thin content.

6) Internal and external links:

Implement internal links & external links in your content. It plays an important role to bring improvement in your content.

Internal links are those links that are used to connect webpages of the same domain. It also helps to increase the session time of your websites.

External Links are those links which are point to another’s websites or webpages. Search Engines observe here where you have pointed.

It is very important for ranking. Let’s take an example to understand it better.

You are ranking your website for the real car but you have point links to cartoon car or toy car. It will direct google that you are ranking for a toy car or cartoon car.

Therefore when you are linking your webpages with another one in your content. First observe site DA, PA, Site authority, relevant site, etc then point it for external links.

7) Site Level Factors:

Site-level factors played a major role to make your website authority, relevant, and truth. It is going to mention here so that you can understand what factors fall under site factors.

Tips to optimize your site structure for SEO to rank in search engines.

  • Create unique content that provides some extraordinary value, google has mentioned it in its new updates google panda.
  • Create a Contact Us page can save your site from spamming, as google mentioned it in quality standard.
  • Optimize your site so that your site took very little time because a site that takes so much time can negatively affect by the search engines.
  • SSL certificate is the essentials for SEO without its SSL certificate you should not think to rank website in search engines.

Your site should be optimized for the mobile version. Because, google changes in the algorithm and bring mobile indexing updates. According to it for ranking websites or web pages in search engines your site optimized for mobile.

8) Robots.txt

Robots.txt is a text file that gives instructions to the robots basically search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc to crawl or not crawl.

It should be compulsory that those pages you are going to rank that should be crawlable.

Robots.txt is a technical work therefore do it with caution.

9) Sitemap

Simply, a sitemap is a sheet where you put all the links of your websites so that search engines can crawl it very easily.

The sitemap can help in crawling of your website as you should know that no. of crawling can increase your website’s ranking.

It is also a technical work, therefore, do it with care.

10) Backlinks

Where one site you work for on-page SEO, in second hand you work for off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is known as backlinks. Backlinks are links that pointed to your websites and webpages from other websites. There are many types of backlinks such as:

  • Profile creation site list.
  • Article submission site list
  • Bookmarking submission site list
  • Blog submission site list, etc.

But you need to understand the process of Backlinks. It is not an easy task as you can solve in a day or week. You need to continuously work on backlinks than you can rank for keywords in search engines.

Tips of Backlinks

  • See the qualitative of backlinks than the number of backlinks.
  • Get backlinks from the same niche of websites. For example In my case, my niche is digital marketing.
  • Left old techniques of the backlinks like; forum submission, purchasing of backlinks, irrelevant backlinks.
  • If you have got backlinks from irrelevant sources, disavow it because it can harm your website’s ranking.

11) Google Updates

Google keeps changing its algorithm each day. If you don’t look at the google updates than you lose your ranking in one night. Google always changes its algorithm in favor of users. Keep in touch with google algorithms. Some examples of the Google Updates;

  1. Panda Updates (decrease ranking of those who have fewer words or duplicate content)
  2. Penguin Updates (decrease ranking if you over-optimized; for instance stuffing of keywords)
  3. SSL certificate (It is mandatory to use SSL Certificate for ranking in search engines)
  4. Mobile-First Indexing (Mobile users are more than other devices’ users, therefore, mobile-optimized website are first priority)

Now you are ready to rank your websites in search engines. Keep these points will definitely rank your websites in #1 in google search engines.

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