January 26, 2022

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Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Ads

Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Ads

Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Ads

Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Ads

Hello everyone today has brought the pros and cons of the Facebook platform. And I will be telling you in brief as everything has its pros and cons. So the Facebook ads platform has also some of the pros and cons. Lets understand the Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook.


1. A/B Testing (Split Testing)

Ab testing model is one of the important parameters of Facebook ads via using this option marketer can analyze. Most of the factors which are related to Facebook ad. If a marketer wants to see the result of his age of audience. If they run an ad for above 25 to 32, then how many conversions they will be getting or if there an ad from 32 to 36.

Then what they will be getting means here they can implement the different factors. And they can see the result on a particular parameter on another hand. They also implement the factor of location it might be international location.

Or it might whatever city as well whatever kind of parameter you want to check or you want to taste you can do with the ab testing model so this is the prose or can say the advantage of Facebook ads.

2. Lead Generation

Lead generation might be the primary factor for most organizations. Because, after getting the leads businessmen or businesses convert them into clients or services. Facebook has its multiple types Ads type which can generate the leads.

Such as lead generation ad, conversion traffic. And, it depends on you which prefer most to your audience or to business whatever is the most value for your audience you can use that one.

3. Low Cost

Facebook ads have the lowest budget option to run ads. If you are running ads on Google it will be taking your higher amount and spending much money. And giving you less conversion in comparison to Facebook ads.

So, marketers are redirecting to Facebook Ads from which they are spending less and earning more.

5. Conversion Measure

Facebook ads platform gives you a brief interface of the ads manager so that you can analyze each factor related to your ads. You will be seen the many features to measure your ads such as see CPR, impressions reach on many more things which will help you to measure your ads conversion.

6. Tracking

Tracking is the most important feature of Facebook ads. Marketers are using it for taking the benefits of users tracking user activity and they get. How the users are behaving marketers understand the need of customers or consumers.

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1. 20 percentage rule

While running the Facebook ads, you might face issues with image texts. Sometimes you will see your ad will go in learning limited and in the learning phase. It happens due to over text of 20 percentage. The Facebook algorithm says you have to use only 20% text on your image.

Then your image will be known as good. But to give the proper knowledge of proper information to the customers sometimes marketers use more than the 20% text. So Facebook send these kinds of ADS into learning limited or learning phase, but it doesn’t give the good reach or impression.

These problems type of issues many new guy race. But after having experience as a marketer don’t face. In the condition of learning phase or limited. You might lose your money without getting any kind of conversion.

2. Ad Rejected

Add rejection is also an issue with the Facebook platform. Because if you have done any kind of mistake while creating your Facebook ad. In this condition your ad will go into the learning limited or into learning face.

It happens due to your mistakes, this mistake can be your grammar also over text also. It might be low budget as well. If anything happens from these there is the go your ad into learning limited. While creating ads keep in mind everything should be properly so it wouldn’t get rejected.

3. Not the Quality Audience

Having a quality of the audience is the sign of getting more engagement towards the ads or getting More conversion. But on the Facebook platform. People who might be interested in the product or services and who might not be interested in the services.

They all would also be seeing the ads and they might click on the ads in this condition advertiser will be spending his money. But will not be getting the conversion so here Facebook has lack of good quality audience.

I have told you the major factors of Facebook ads per. Now it depends on you that you want to run ads on Facebook or not. In my opinion, you should run the Facebook ads because this is the only product. From where you can get conversion at the lowest amount. If you run Google ads on any kind of Search Engine, then you will be spending more money than Facebook ads.


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