Top 10 Search Engines

Top 10 Search Engines

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Hi guys, how are you? In this post, we are going to know about the Top 10 Seach Engines, also you will get why are those in top position.

If you are here to choose the best search engines in the world. I will definitely solve your all problems in this blog post.

Also, I will give you a suggestion and practical answer that why a search engine is the best from the other.

First of all, put a glance at this table which will give you a full analysis. Also read about it, in detail.


S. No. Search Engine Alexa Ranking Year
1 Google 1 27 Sep 1998
2 Bing 35 3 Jun 2009
3 Baidu 6 18 Jan 2000
4 Yahoo 12 2 Mar 1995
5 229 Jun 1996
6 DuckDuckGo 184 25 Sep 2008
7 Ecosia 422 7 Dec 2009
8 Yandex 1240 23 Sep 1997
9 Lycos 19260 May 1994
10 Aol Search 388 19 Apr 2018

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1. Google

top 10 search engines

Google is the biggest search engine in the world launched on 27 September 1998 by the two students named Lary Page and Sergey Brin. Goole Search Engine available in multilanguage.

Alexa Ranking of Google is 1. Today’s most of the sites are created for the purpose of ranking in Google.

Google also provides its free platform to create a page as well as Blogspot.

Facts of the Google Search Engines:

  • Google is the largest Search Engine which has indexed a lot of the website in the world.
  • Do you know the original name of the google search engine is Backrub?
  • Google is the origin of the word Googol.
  • was registered on 15 September 1997.
  • Google’s first tweet is, I’m Feeling Lucky.
  • Google focuses only on its three factors: Content, Backlinks, and RankBrain.

If you are going to start any business, then Google is the best search engine. But not forget other search engines which are mentioned down.

2. Bing

top 10 search engines

Bing is the second largest Search Engine in the world, it comes in second place after the Google Search Engine.

It is owned by Microsoft and launched on 3 June, 209.

Like Google, it is also available in multilanguage and provides a variety of searches, in the form of images, videos, text, knowledge graph, and much more.

It’s Alexa Ranking in 2020 is 35. It is mostly used in the US.

And It is now available in 40 Languages.

Like Google, it also gives its platform to create ads. Day by day it is spreading all over the world.

Bonus: Only those SEO important factors which are necessary to rank #1 on Search Google

3. Baidu



Chinese search engine

Baidu is a Chinese Search Engine and available only in Chinese.

Do you know that Chinese people have no permission to use google in China, they have permission only to use Baidu Search Engine in place on Google.

It is one of the most popular Search Engines in Chine.

It is owned by the Chinese multinational technology company and it was launched on 1 January 2000.

If you have no knowledge of the Chinese language then, Baidu is useless for you.

Because it only gives you the information in the Chinese language.

4. Yahoo

yahoo-search engine

Yahoo is another most popular search engine.

Now you are looking at Yahoo Search Engine.

There was a time in history when yahoo was most demanded than Google (which is the giant today).

But due to not running with the time Yahoo defeated by Google.

Currently, Yahoo is owned by the Verizon Media because the original owner of the Yahoo sold it due to not earning much money but also going toward the loss.

The original owner of the Yahoo is Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994.

And it was registered on 2 March 1995.

But, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect it, Today yahoo has got that position and it is competing with the competitors.

Really you can start also optimize your website for Yahoo and start ranking.


ask the search engine is the most popular question-answer Search Engine. It is like a Quora which is the hub of the Question.

It is available in the multilanguage. Most of the country use the

It’s Alexa RAnking is about to 229 in 2020.

As we know that is mainly focused on the Search Engine.

It is founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California.

6. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo-search engine

DuckDuckGo is an American Search Engines and most popular in the country.

It is most popular because of the emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy.

DuckDuckGo is different from the other search engines.

As you have noticed that if you search any terms on google or somebody else searches the same term/queries on Google.

It may possible to get different results from both of them, not completely but something.

But it will not happen with the DuckDuckGo, It is special from other search engines due to its quality.

It will show you the same result, exact same result will get another person if they will also search the same queries on the DuckDuckGo Search Engine.

7. Ecosia

Ecosia-search engine

Ecosia is a most sociable Search Engine. As it donates 4/5 % or more profits to the non-profit organization.

It helps with reforestation. It is launched on 7 December 2009 and owned by the Christian Kroll.

Its Alexa RAnking in 422 in 2020.

It mostly covered Berlin, Germany. It has become the most used search engine in the Berlin, Germani.

Ecosia is something like DuckDuckGo because it also keeps secret the privacy of its users.

And, It is one of the best search engines due to contributing most of its profit in the social work.

8. Yandex

Yandex-search engine

At the 8th point, Yandex comes and it covered most of part of the Russian.

It is owned by the Russian Company, Russian corporation Yandex and Yandex was launched on the date of 23 September 1997.

It’s Alexa RAnking in 2020 is 1240.

If your target county is Mainly Russian then you need to optimize your site for Yandex. Because it is mostly used in Russian.

Also, you should know that mostly Yandex indexed the following type of the site: Html, pdf, rtf, doc, xls, ppt, docx, odt, odp, ods, etc.

Yandex is the third most secure search Engine in the world because it changes in 2013 that brings safety in this SE.

9. Lycos

Lycos-search engine

Do you know that the word Lycos came from the Lycosidae which means Wolf Spider?

Lycos is owned by the Bov Davis in May 1994. Its Alexa ranking is 19260 in 2020.

It is available in multilingual and provides most of the facility to its users.

10. AOL Search

AOL-search engine

AOL is another popular search engine also known as AOL Inc. It is originated in America New York. Also, it is an American web portal as well as an online service provider based in New York City.

It is available in Multilingual and its Alexa ranking in 2020 is 388.

It is one of the oldest Search Engines.

AOL provides most of the things such as AOL EMAIL, AOL videos, AOL images, AOL News, etc.

AOL is branded by the most popular brand Verizon Media.


Which is the No. 1 Search Engines?

It depends on you where your customer is. But Generally, Google is No. 1 Search Engines in the World.

What is the best search Engines in the world?

In 2020, All the above are the best search Engines,

If you are from China then, Baidu is the best.

If you are from Russia then, Yandex is the Best.

If you are from Berlin, Germani then, Ecosia is the best Search Engines.

If you talk about privacy then DuckDuckGo is the best.

Can we download Search Engines?

It is not possible to download the Seach Engine. Because of using a search engine, you need a browser. Yes, you can download Browser, which will give you access to use any search Engines.


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