January 29, 2022

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Top 11 Features of Facebook Advertising | Best Features of Facebook Ads

Top 11 Features of Facebook Advertising

Top 11 Features of Facebook Advertising

Top 11 Features of Facebook Advertising

Hi everyone today I am going to tell you about the top features of Facebook ads while advertising via Facebook. As we need to optimize some of the calls to Actions and some of the other features. We can get the most engagement on Ads and we can get the good conversion towards our ads. Be continue till the last I will be telling you each and everything about the call to actions. And about the most of the important features to implement on Facebook ads.

1. Call to Actions

Call to action our the most important thing while running ads. Because without the call to action users or audience can’t take any action towards our products or services or whatever we are promoting. Let say I want to sell my E-books or pdf by using Facebook ads. Then, I need to add a call to Actions in my Facebook ad and the download option would be there.

In my ad then the user can download my pdf. There might be many more calls to action. Whatever we want from the users like sign up, shop now, messages kinds of feature. We should use in Facebook ads which are given by the Facebook platform.

2. Targeted location

For running ads Facebook ads manager provides us a most important feature that is a target location. If you want to talk it any country which is good for a product which is good for your service. Or if you want to sell your product nearby you 10 kilometer of 5 kilometers.

Then, you should optimize your target location. You should select your target location in which you want to place your ad. So this is the most important feature of Facebook ad. It should use by the people most marketers always use by running Facebook ads.

3. Types of ads

Having multiple types give choice to make the right decision on Facebook. It also provides us approximately 11 types of ADS so that we can make the best choice for our product or service. If you have seen an ads manager then.

You will see the Reach and brand awareness ad traffic ad, video views, these kinds of 11 type of Ads are there which we can use for running the ads. If you want to generate the leads then you should go through a lead generation ad.

If you want more comments shares on your Post, then you should go by the engagement ad and you should have the proper call to action towards your product or post.

4. Detail Targeting

If you are running your ads without using detailed targeting it means you are throwing your hand in the air. Then you should use the detailed and that’s if you are in the education industry then go to the education industry.

And select the optimized features which you want to target in the education industry who graduated people. If you want to talk with this kind of people then select graduation option. If you want to target the school students. Then target the school-going students this will help you to get good ad conversion.

5. Custom Audience

If you have spent your one year or six months on Facebook ads beautiful while running the ads. I hope you would have collected some kind of audience after testing some parameters. If you have collected the custom audience.

If you have already the list of your audience then, you should use that list or if it’s not then you should create the custom audience. Because the custom audience is the most valuable audience while running Facebook ads.

6. Look like audience creation

After custom audience lookalike audience is the second option to getting the highest conversion on your ad because if you are having some of the samples of your audience and you say to Facebook.

You want more people like your audience. Let say you have 10 people list in excel sheet. Then you can upload this Excel sheet and Facebook manages for referring other audience by Facebook ads.

7. Remarketing

If you want to do remarketing then first you should implement the Facebook pixel app. Because Facebook pixel track the data of the audience for, whosoever audience engaged to your website for your landing page.

If you want to run the remarketing ad then first implement the pixel and collect the audience after having two or three months. You can run the ads on your collected audience. This will be known as the remarketing of your audience or you can say that they Re-Targetting ads.

8. Audience Insight tool

Audience insight is a tool of the Facebook platform which gives the opportunity to explore the audience if you want to test. If you want to check your audience, before running the ads then you must visit the audience insight.

Because you will get the idea from there that what kind of audience you want. And how much you can get from the Facebook platform or while setting your Facebook ad.

9. Core Audience Creation

The core audience is the exactly new audience which you create in first time let say you are visiting first time on ads manager. And you know that for what kind of audience you want to run ads, and you want to target some specification location in India with some specification city and age then the audience will be creating after these three parameters.

That audience will be known as the audience if you haven’t audience. Then you must create your audience. After spending some time with the ads manager. You will be collecting your own converted audience which will be most useful than now.

10. Placements

Facebook gives approximately 15 to 17 placements which gives you the opportunity to explore. Our ads with multiple placements, as much as more people will see the ad that much more conversion you might get.

It depends on the situation, let’s say most of the people visit the story section of Facebook ads then this placement can be useful for you. This you can see news feed is also one of the most important placements of Facebook ad. Which gives the higher engagement to add.

11. Frequently Visits

If you think that Facebook ad is consuming your more money then you should go through the frequent visits you should limit the frequency of users. So they couldn’t see it again and over again. And you will be saving your money which was wasted earlier.

At the last, I would like to say I hope you will be using all the parameters. While running Facebook ads and you will have more engagement towards your Facebook ad. And you will see a good matrix than average after implementing all the features in your ad.