January 26, 2022

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Types of Campaign in Facebook Advertising

Types of Campaign in Facebook Advertising

Types of Campaign in Facebook Advertising

Types of Campaign in Facebook Advertising

Types of Campaign in Facebook Advertising: Today, everyone has come on social media. If I do after social media, then it includes a lot of channels like Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn YouTube. In all of these, Facebook is one such social media channel on which users spend time. If you understand social media in time, then there can be a lot of profit in your business.\

Types of Campaign in Facebook Advertising
Types of Campaign in Facebook Advertising

That’s why I have brought a lot of important things related to Facebook in today’s post. Today’s article will talk about how many types of advertising campaigns are on Facebook. If you want to find people on Facebook who are looking for your business. So the only way out is Facebook Advertising.

You may have to spend money on Facebook advertising, but it does not miss even if you get your results. In such a situation, you have to understand what your business is like and what kind of ad you have to run. That is why there are different way ads for every business. Similarly, keeping in mind all the businesses, Facebook has selected some campaigns with which you can use Facebook Advertising. Now we know in detail about Facebook Campaign and them.

As you should know that there are three types of campaigns available on Facebook. Awareness Campaign, Conservation Campaign and Conversion Campaign. The three champions have different characteristics, so when the awareness campaign is used, when a company comes to the public for the first time.

The company that is newly launched first has to tell its people about themselves, for which they use Brand Awareness and Reach Campaigns. Consideration is the second big campaign. When is the Consideration campaign used when a company has launched a product and wants to reach its users.

So for this, the company uses many types of campaigns such as traffic campaigns, engagement campaigns, app install campaigns, video views campaigns, lead generation campaigns, and messaging campaigns. The third major Campaign name is Conversion.

1. Awareness

The awareness campaign is used when a company comes to the public for the first time. Or the company brings a product or service to the public for the first time, then the company has to do awareness advertising. Facebook offers two types of campaigns for Awareness Aid Brand Awareness and Rate.

1.1 Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is used when a company displays its addon to individuals or users who are interested in the ad. That is, when the company will bring a ladies product, then that ad will be shown only and only to the ladies. This company runs ads keeping in mind its audience before bringing any type of product. So that the conversion increases

1.2 Reach

Facebook offers Rich’s second option in Awareness Campaign. With whose help you can show your ad to as many people as possible very quickly. This is a good way to make a product’s service go viral if your product has merit in the service. So your product or service can go viral very quickly.

2. Consideration

When you ask your user to take any kind of action, then you can run a concession ad for this. Concentration and Simple is in this, you ask your user to do some kind of engagement like get your app installed and bring traffic.

2.1 Traffic

If you have a website and you are selling product services on your website, then running traffic is going to prove beneficial. For this, you can run a traffic campaign on FB Ads.

2.2 Engagement

If your post is on social media, on Facebook, or Instagram. So by colouring an engagement campaign, you can increase the reply like share and comment of your post.

2.3 App Installs

If you have your app, you can also increase the installations of your app. Facebook also provides you with an app install campaign.

2.4 Video Views

If you create videos and share videos, you can increase the views of your videos through Facebook.

2.5 Lead Generation

If your company does lead generation. So through Facebook apps, you can generate and collect a large number of details such as email ID phone number.

2.6 Messages

Facebook has a messenger app which is the most used chat app. Facebook also shows an ad on Messenger for its Chat app, for which the Messenger campaign can be run.

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3. Conversion

Conversion is the most important activity for any company. If you are sending a product or selling a service, conversion is very important for you. We also ran a branding campaign, we also ran a CONSIDERATION campaign, but if we did not pay attention to the conversion, all our hard work would be wasted. We need to improve our conversion.

3.1 Conversions

Conversions in which you run in such a way that looks like there, which has shown interest in your product or service.

3.2 Catalogue Sales

In the catalogue sale campaign, you make a list of your product or service and run ads like a catalogue. And in advertising, you see people who are interested in your product or service.

3.3 Store Traffic

If you have a physical shop and you want traffic directly to your shop, then there is a store traffic campaign in the conversion. You can call direct customers with you through the Start Traffic Campaign. A special type of map works in this campaign, which is Facebook’s own. In this match, the way from the user’s device to your shop is decided.

If you want to know in detail about Facebook advertising, you want to know in detail about the campaign or you want to know about any activity related to Facebook, then tell us below through the comment. If you want to take any trouble from us, you can contact us by visiting our contact page, we are available 24 hours to help you.

When is the conversion campaign used when your customers want to buy your product and have made a lot of engagements? For this, Facebook offers three types of campaigns, first conversion campaign, second catalogue, sales campaign, third store, traffic campaign.

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