January 26, 2022

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What are Facebook Ads | How Does Facebook Ads Work

What are Facebook Ads

What are Facebook Ads

What are Facebook Ads

Hello everyone today I am going to talk about Facebook ads how Facebook ads work. What is the set-up and how you can get conversion from Facebook ads. Let me tell you here most of the marketers run their ads either Google or Facebook. So I can say Facebook is the biggest platform for running the ads.

What are Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are one type of advertisement towards its audience as you know. There are two billion-plus users on Facebook. So they are also taking some decisions in their life and these decisions might deliver to business. So here ads are run for services and products or it might be any kind of other things which might be useful for users

What is an ad Manager?

Ads manager is a platform where all the Facebook ads are managed. you will get to know everything on the dashboard. How to manage the ads which you have created how many conversions. You have gotten your ads and what’s CPR. Most of the other things related to Facebook ads. Whenever you create any kind of Ad first you need to go on ads manager then you will proceed for the things.

Level’s of Ads Set up

There are three levels to set up an ad first is a campaign in this you optimize your budget. And you put your campaign name the second one is is add set. In which you decide that on which page you want to run your ad or which placement. You want to utilize while running Facebook ads. There are approximately 10 to 15 placements. Where you can run Facebook ads such as news feed, Facebook stories, video stream, etc.

Types of Facebook ads

In Facebook ads manager there are different kinds of Facebook ads. Which you can create every kind of Facebook ad has its own purpose. let’s say if you want to create a brand awareness ad then the main purpose of Facebook will be to awaring your brand with the people. Which will help them to recall the product by people or business.

Awareness Ads

1. Brand awareness

Brand awareness ads are created majorly for creating the awareness of a product of a brand of your organization. Or whatever kind of things you are running or you are doing. And you want to tell the people that this product this service or organization kind of platform. On other hand people can take the action towards your services or product.

2. Reach Ads

Beach ads are created to reach the maximum people and to tell them about your business. If you run the Reach there are more probability that you will have a huge amount of audience. Or you can say a huge amount of audience will be seen your product to service. Whatever kind of things you want to tell Facebook ad users.

Consideration ads

3. Traffic Ads

Traffic ads majorly credited for driving the traffic on a website .It might be any kind of landing page majorly people drive traffic landing page because most of the people want to sell something as their service or product or courses. Any kind of thing they want to give the users so they drive traffic on a particular page.

4. Engagement ads

Engagement ads of Facebook platform for engaging to your post for taking the action towards your post or any kind of service. Let’s say you are posting service or images and you want comments as feedback on the image similar. You might need that image many likes, there should be share if like share comment kinds of things you want on your page or service or any kind of image then you can go for engagement ads.

5. App installs

App installs ads are very good who have their own app actually if you have your own app. So you can increase the number of downloads by running the app install. And if you run ads every day then some of the people downloading the app every day. And they will installing and will be using it.

6. Video Views

Video is mostly run on video for getting views on the video, on the other hand. If someone has launched any new video and he wants to promote this video. Then he can go to the video views ads if he runs the ad on video. Absolutely he will be getting more engagement on video. If you have uploaded a video on YouTube and you are running ads on this. Then your reach will increase and YouTube will also then some more people. So it might be a helpful source for a new launcher of video.

7. Lead generation

Lead generation ads are the most effective ads on the Facebook ads platform using these ads. You can collect most of the data of your audience or you can generate leads via getting useful information such as phone number, email address, or whatever contact things. You want which are already in Facebook templates then you can apply to those call to actions. This gives you option to build instant lead form. if you haven’t any kind of landing page then you can use their instant lead form.

8. Messages

Message ads are majorly used for conversation with people. I can say if you want to consult with anyone if you want to talk with anyone related to your service or product. It might be anything then you should go to the message messages ad.


9. Conversions

Conversions ads are run when you have collected your audience there are two types of audience lookalike audience and custom audience. If you have these kinds of audience for Facebook or you have already your own data. Then, you can go through the conversion ads and you can implement your factors and you can run the ads for lead generation for messages for clients. Here link click will help you a lot for getting a client or getting to your destiny.

10 product catalog sales

Product catalog sales ads are created when you have any product and you want to sell or you want to show more than one product at once. On the Facebook ad platform so that users can buy whatever. They are interested then you should first create a catalog then you should create the product catalog sales ad.

11. Store Visits

Store visits ads are run for visiting your physical store. If you are running your physical business. You have the existence of any kind of shop for any kind of service then you can run the store visit ad in this you will be showing your ads on the Facebook platform. After looking at this ad they might visit your physical store if they are nearby your stories.

I hope, I have given all the information regarding Facebook ads and all the types of ads ADS are created in Facebook ads if still, you have doubt any kind of ADS then you can go to the comment section and comment your doubt.

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