January 29, 2022

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What is On-Page SEO | On Page SEO Factors Explained

What is On-Page SEO?

What is On-Page SEO?

What is on-page SEO

Hey everyone today I am going to talk about the on-page SEO. What is on-page SEO, what are the factors of on-page? Let me tell you here I have told you in an earlier post also, but here I will be telling the briefly conceptual.

And with every word with every factor of the on-page SEO so be continue till the last. You will get here full and deep knowledge of on-page SEO.

1. Title with keyword

The title plays an important role in website or I can say on a particular website page as well. Let me tell you here how does it work if you are using your keyword in the title. Then Google will get and indicate that what about is your page.

Or you can say what about is a website in this condition when you are optimizing your site for SEO. This is the real thing which is gonna help you to get your page or website on top in top SERP.

This title plays an important role because we also have been studying in education or in our schooling. We used to learn a lesson and there was a particular title for every lesson.

Which used to define all the paragraphs for all the chapter this is also similarly like those.

Title length plays an important role while optimizing the title. Because Google has already said can say according to Google’s update it is already has defined that title length should be 50 to 60 characters including with space.

Title of the website for a particular page and specific role in the website. Because if the title is valuable and very clearly written or it’s related to the main contents. Then, there are more chances to click by the user on your title. And they will be there redirecting simply to your site and your traffic will be increasing.

2. Description with Keywords

The description is the place where you can optimize your keywords very clearly or you can use more than two in the description. Google has said that you can write your description between 150 to 160 characters including space between the characters.

So if you are using your keywords in description that is also an indicator to Google that a particular website should rank on a particular keyword.

The description also plays an important role in CTR because if your description is catchy and clearly and very engage engaging then user will be clicking on this. And it will be increasing your CTR due to good CTR. Your site you have good user spending time.

3. Keyword in the H1 tag

In the content, there should be only one H1. Because Google has defined the limit of H1 that it should be only once in the content except this h2 to h6. You can use multiple times in chronological order as you want in your content.

4. Keyword Density

The keyword density is not defined it anywhere but most of the marketer says which have been worked as international SEO. They said that keyword density should be between 2% to 3%, then it will be neither spam nor less than average. So while optimizing your content you should keep in mind at your keyword’s density should be between 2 to 3%.

5. length of the content.

The length of your content most of the time depends on your competitor. Because if your competitor has used more and more than 1000 words. Then you should also use more than 1,000 keywords. Because if you don’t use then you will lack in one factor of Google updates. So if you want to top on your competitor then you should go more than your competitor’s words.

6. Duplicate content

Google has already defined duplicate content according to panda update, we should not use duplicate content in our website because if you use duplicate content on the website. So it can get finalize also and will not rank in SERP.

8. Image Optimization

Image optimization tells the search engine that what about your image is. Let say your is your image is about a kid then you have to write kid.

Or if your image is about to making money, then you should write a proper all tag in image optimizer so that crawler can identify very easily.

10. Outbound links

Outbound links are the links that connect your website to another website, this is also a fundamental activity of search engine.

Or you can say Google update if you are optimizing your content, then you should use outbound link also in your content, or in form of source or informed of any other conditions

11. Internal links

Internal linking helps to get rank, as well as it helps to tell the search engines that a content creator has given the deepest knowledge about a particular topic.

Because, if you are writing on the topic let’s say you are writing on how to make money online, then in your content you can use multiple articles in you can talk about how to make money via social media platforms, how to make money via YouTube, how to make money via content creation.

These all are the types of digital earning money so you can use these kinds of articles in your main content as a form of internal linking. This will also help you to get your page on Google top page.

10. Link anchor

While optimizing a website for a particular page is should keep in mind that while optimization of link anchor text. Because you should never give the outbound links on the ranking keyword on a particular keyword for what you want to rank in the search engine.

On the other hand, you should try to get links on your ranking keyword which will help you to get rank on google in top page also provides an important role to tell Google that a content creator or link creator has been added.

Most of the time his link on a particular anchor text so the anchor text becomes the indicator to search engine or to crawler which will help your page to get on top of the page.

11. Meta keywords

Accept title description and tax there is one more option where we can use keywords and that is meta keywords. We can use our meta keywords in source code for I can say in the header of code if we use in the header of web code means.

We can say we are giving the more indicators to search engine or to crawlers that they should know about our website with the more specific keyword. So that they can help to a website rank on search engines. Top page without having any hindrance while crawling keywords for pages.

I hope, I have told the major factors which relate to on-page and you will be satisfied with the given information. If still you have any doubt or you have any factors which are remaining from this post, then comment below. We will be adding to those factors as well in this post which might help to others to get better knowledge than now.