January 29, 2022

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What is SEO | How Does SEO Work

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Hi everyone, today I am going to talk about Search Engine Optimization. Today I will be giving you full knowledge of SEO. Most of the people have been asked in the comment section that what is it. Today I want to tell you the full answer to this question in this post, so be continue till the last then you will get the proper knowledge of it and all the implementations of Search Engine Optimization.

Let me tell you here the SEO is divided into two parts majorly these are known as on pages and off-page it but some people are there who called it differently like White Hat SEO (WHS), Grey Hat SEO and Black hat SEO so we can say in the market the name is divided into first I have told you as on-page and off the page and secondly as a (WHS), and grey hat, Black hat..

What is on-page SEO?

Basically, on-page SEO is optimization on a website of all the factors which relate to on-site optimizing factors. In on-page Search Engine Optimization there different factors like headings meta tags description meta keywords. Let. I tell you here all the factors as these are given below.

  • Title
  • Headings
  • Description
  • Meta keywords
  • Keywords density
  • Internal linking
  • Outbound linking

What is off-page SEO?

When you link your website to someone else’s website this is known as off-page Search Engine Optimization, let me tell you briefly here if you are doing the profile creation submission. Then what you will do first you have to sign up, then you will maintain the profile on others website in this process of about section of profile. You will get an option to put your about, and your bio and or you might get the option to put your link also so if you get an option to put your link on sites. Then you will get a link, this will be known as the activity of it.

There are many activities that come under off-page SEO

  • Directory
  • Bookmarking
  • Classifieds
  • Profile
  • PDF
  • PPT
  • Guest
  • Web 2.0
  • Blog postings
  • Forum submission
  • Broken link creation

Now I will tell you the different method which is known for SEO.

White hat SEO

(WHS) is a legal practice of doing search engine optimization because whatever algorithms. And rules have been created by search engines and if you are following all those rules regulations. Then I can say you are working under it. Such as if Google update says your title should be 50 to 60 characters including space. Then it’s an update of Google algorithm if you are fulfilling this then you will be coming under white hat Search Engine Optimization similarly there are many factors which relate to SEO and all those come into (WHS). Let me tell you here there are approximately 200 factors under white hat SEO.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is a process to optimize your website via some of the factors of white and some of the factors of over the white hat Search Engine Optimization, for instance. If you are following all the factors of SEO. Then it comes under (WHS) and if you are over-optimizing your site on the white hat SEO factors then it might come under WHS.

As there is a rule in the (WHS) technique that you should use two to three percent keyword density but there are many SEO guy who uses four to five or more than 5% keyword density in their content. Then Google can announce it as spam or you can say it can come under grey hat SEO because the person has over optimized on whitehead SEO’s factors.

  1. Cloaking
  2. Purchasing old domains
  3. Duplicate content
  4. Link buying
  5. Social media automation and purchasing followers

Black hat SEO (BHS)

Black hat SEO is a process of over-optimization of grey hat technique let me tell you here briefly what can be the over on grey hat SEO if you are linking your ranking keyword with anchor text and this anchor text and if the anchor text is visible then it will come under whitehead

On the other hand, if you interlink your link on the text what you have used as a keyword and if you are going to use it enough times then in this condition it can come under black test or might come in (BHS) if you do text invisible. there are many more techniques in (BHS) which I am telling you here…

  1. Reporting a Competitor (or Negative SEO)
  2. Sneaky Redirects
  3. Cloaking
  4. Link Schemes
  5. Guest Posting Networks
  6. Link Manipulation (including buying links)
  7. Article Spinning
  8. Link Farms, Link Wheels, or Link Networks
  9. Rich Snippet Markup Spam
  10. Link farming
  11. Invisible Anchor texts
  12. Keywords stuffing
  13. Cloaking
  14. Content Automation
  15. Doorway Pages
  16. Hidden Text or Links
  17. Keyword Stuffing

Sum Up

In the sum of I will say if you are doing the practice to get your website or your particular pages on top as SERP. Such as if you are in the online market. And you want to grow your business from digital marketing then SEO is the first practice which you should implement in your business now let me tell you how you can implement SEO for Digital Marketing in your business.

Let’s say you are a Digital marketer and you want to sell a digital product or any kind of course. First of all, You have created some of the products which you want to sell in the market so what you can do hire some of the guys and generate the leads for your business. Let me tell you here is step by step.

First of all, you should design a course or product which you want to sell in the marketing of digital. You should create a website it might be on any HTML PHP or java anything language or it might be related to WordPress also.

Design a landing page for a particular course page so that user can redirect on a particular page like one page you have created for SEO or another. If you want to sell any other course that might be related to Facebook ads or Google ads creation, for every course you should have a separate page so that Google can understand your page is very easy and this will help your website to get on the first page.

While optimizing your landing page you should optimize the creativeness and keyword density of the page because whatever keywords you are going to use in your web page your website will be ranking to all those. [Reference on Wikipedia]

Your best keywords can here such as…

SEO courses in Delhi, or SEO courses in India, if you think it’s hard for you then go through via some tools which will help you in finding the Keywords and decide that these will be suitable for you. You can also give this responsibility to a guy who can manage according to courses that he will be using all the keywords in the page. And if he does the practice regularly to take to 6 months then definitely your page will be coming into SERP and you will be selling your courses and you will be getting the conversion from your SEO practices or from your courses.

I hope I have told you about most of the things related to SEO. if you want to know each term specifically, I will be bringing many posts related to SEO such as what is on-page SEO and what is off-page SEO, what is (BHS), what is (WHS), we will be posting a separate post for these types of title as well.