January 26, 2022

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What is Technical SEO | Technical SEO Factors Explained

What is Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO?

What is Technical SEO?

Hey everyone today I am going to talk about technical SEO, how does it work what can be the impact of technical SEO on a website. While getting rank your pages for the website on Google’s top SERP.

Tech SEO all the queries will be solved today with the help of this post if you want to know the full technical knowledge about the tech SEO then be continue till the last.

1. SSL

SSL certificate matters a lot for Google or you can say for search engine. Because Google update already confirmed it as a factor of SEO. If you are not using the SSL certificate on your site it means simply that you are not gonna longer ranked in SERP.

Google said if you are using an SSL certificate in your site. Then it will be a secure website so in this condition. The search engine’s Google bots will prefer to rank your website in top results otherwise, it might not get the ranking in SERP pages.

2. Sitemap

Majorly there are two types of sitemap one is sitemap.xml and the second one is sitemap .html.

sitemap.xml help to find the pages on your site for Google, so if you want that there should not any hindrance while crawling by Google. What are your pages then you should absolutely use sitemap.xml.

If you have any website on WordPress website then there is a plugin Yoast that automatically creates a sitemap. And if you are using any kind of other websites, then you have to simply implement sitemap.xml with your Google search console.

3. Site Loading Time

Site loading time is the major factor of tech SEO. If your site loading time is 2 seconds 5 seconds then it’s average. If you have the website and your website loading time is more than 5 seconds, then your website users might face problems while loading your site.

So, keep in your mind that whenever you are purchasing hosting this should be from a reliable company that can get load easily to your website. In the market, there are many languages of coding which loads more than in 10 seconds. Also so while creating a website firstly get to know about website language for whatever kind of platform, you are looking for making a website so that the website loading time should be on an average.

4. Mobile Friendly

Most of the users on the website come from mobiles. So mobile is known as the primary factor of an optimization-friendly website. The website should be open properly on mobile as well as every kind of mobiles.

It might be iOS, it might be Android, it might be anything else so whenever you are creating a website please make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. If it’s not, then talk to your developer to find out the ways how you can make it mobile-friendly if a website is on WordPress.

Then the Pegassas plugin and amp official you can install it and you can set up it in your website then your website will become a mobile-friendly and it will load faster on mobile.

5. Cannibalization

Cannibalization means when your website has two pages and both the pages have the same Keywords. In this condition, the issue appears that’s known as cannibalization if you want to optimize it then you should differentiate your keywords for particular pages.

So that they can get rank as soon as possible and we can differentiate to each other. If we differentiate from each other then Google can easily scroll the pages for different keywords and it will be giving you ranking.

6. Robot.txt

Robot.txt is a file that gives the command to Google that what pages should crawl by Google what should not by Google bot. So make sure if you have any kind of private page on your website then, you should block it by robots.txt.

And if you want your whole website should be crawled by Google then give a command for all pages and for all the search engines.

7. Perform site search ( site: domain name )

If you are preparing your site’s audit report or if you are checking your tech SEO then you should also perform site search as I have given the command in the bracket on as you can see above. If you put similarly your URL in Google then you will see that.

There will be all the results which will be shown by your website on google now look into those and see if there are any negative page on Google then block that page.

Because if there are some pages which are 404 and not opening or might we create any kind of issue for a crawler or for search engine while deciding that what kind of pages they should rank on website.

8. Duplicate Metadata

In metadata comes title tags, description, in meta keywords when you are preparing description or meta description or I can say meta tags kind of things for your website. Then keep in your mind, that there nothing should be duplicate.

If you are using your keywords in tags then this should be something different from the description, If you are using the meta keywords, then these should be also something different. But in all the terms, what should be same that’s only some of the primary keywords you can use this description.

As well in meta tags as well in meta keywords but don’t copy enough all the things. If you copy each thing for every turn, then it might create an issue for Google or it can make a problem of duplicate metadata.

9. Broken link

While creating the backlinks on while making the internal linking in your website or it might be the practice of outbound links. Also if are doing internal linking in your website then check all the pages are available or due to some issues sometimes be delete.

Some pages which earlier, we have done to all. If I talk about the broken link then let me tell you here what is the broken link. So in the broken link, if you have created any page for your website and after facing some issues you the pages have deleted.

Then in this condition the earlier one URL which was deleted page that will become 404 pages. And it will not open again so in this condition you can do deindex this URL from your search console then it will be solving the issue.

10. Structure data Markup

Majorly there are two kinds of structure data schema.org some of the people known it as meta Item prop. It creates structure data for search engine so that search engine can optimize. All the page very easy to get rank in SERP the second one is open graph tag it helps to create a proper file format of website post.

Or I can see post on social media profiles if you are posting your website URL on Facebook then you will see there comes automatically fetch data. After putting the URL on social media platforms this will be coming only on in condition.

If you have used OG tag in your website so if you want that social media profiles should fetch your website’s data by putting only one URL then you should implement the OG tag on your site.

11. FAQs schema

FAQ schema gives a shine to your pages with the help of saving some of the FAQ in the search engine. If you have seen if you search any kind of question in search engine. Like say you want to know what is a schema for what is FAQ schema. Then you will see there will be coming many questions these also come from a particular website.

So if you want that your FAQ should also come similarly in search engine. Then you have to implement FAQ schema in your website with the every page minimum there should be four questions which you should add in your content. So Google can optimize it’s very easy and can get on top of SERP with the user experience queries.

12. URL Optimization

URL optimization is a key factor while creating your URL for a particular page whenever you are posting any post. Then keep in mind that your URL should be readable and it should be shorter with your keywords except this you should never add the date in URL. And dash and or any kind of particular country name please keep it simple with the name of domain and your contents title URL name it will help you to rank fast in search engine.

I hope I have told all the factors of technical SEO and you got to know of each factor Search engine optimization, if now also have some of the queries related to this. Then you can go to the comment section and comment on your queries make sure that we will be giving an answer of those as well.

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